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You will continue your analysis of the data set you obtained from the NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. Within the data set, find one weather station in the county which has daily snowfall data for December 1 through March 31 (this range is considered one winter) for two different winters. Make sure the dates for each consecutive day are listed in the data file and also that none of the SNOW values are 9999. We have not yet studied how to deal with missing data, so at this point we need to work with complete data sets. If you do not have complete daily data for two different winters for any weather station in the county you selected, you will need to claim a new county, making sure it has not already been claimed by a classmate.

Create two new tabs/sheets in your Excel file (the same Excel file from your Module 1 Assignment and Discussion – unless you had to select a new county due to missing data), one for the each of these winter seasons. Copy and paste the data for each of these two winters to a new sheet and give descriptive names to the tabs.

For each of these two winters, use StatCrunch to create a histogram of the snowfall. At the end of Chapter 2 in the textbook is a Tech Tips section with instructions for doing so in StatCrunch.

When you click on Graph in StatCrunch you will have the ability to set many features. You will want to experiment a bit here. The bins should start at 0, but experiment with several different widths. Once you have found a useful width, be sure to use the same width for both histograms. Include relevant labels for the x-axis, y-axis, and title.

Cut and paste each histogram into the appropriate sheet of your Excel file. That is, the two new tabs you have with the data should now also include the associated histograms. Make sure to save your file. You should be working from the same single Excel file for the Modules 1 through 3 Assignment and Discussions, creating new sheets/tabs as we continue our work in each module.

For your discussion post, summarize the important features of these two histograms using the vocabulary of Section 2.2 of our textbook. Attach your Excel file to your main discussion post and also include within your discussion post the two histograms you created (see here for how to insert images into the discussion).

In addition to your main post, you are to respond to at least two other students’ main posts. Substantive responses to other students’ main posts might include the following: (1) a detailed comparison of your results to their results including proposing why the results might (or might not) differ between your two regions, or (2) detailed and polite recommendations for improvements should their work be incorrect or not fully meet the assignment’s requirements.

Grading for this assignment will be based on the Discussion Participation Rubric in the Course Information Tab.

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