Statistics and Hospital Information writing homework help


– For Task 2, It is about a Health Information System 

– Words# 1000 (4 PAGES MAXIMUM)!

– my part will be let literature review : in this part The literature review shall be on the system all in all (writer should go deeper and deeper which means details) , How much is the system ,Where is it used and The specific part of the system chosen, how important is to have it electronic (advantages and disadvantages) and to Find articles on the dept. we choose and show what are the users of this system (start with related articles done in UAE, if not try Arab Gulf, if not try Arab region if not go global)

NOTE: THE HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE CHOSEN IS THE (Cerner  system )(WAREED in MOH ) which used in the physiotherapy Department. All the survey and questionnaire will be taken from the literature review.

 –10 References are required and should be cited in APA correctly.

-0% Plagiarism!! or elseI willl dispute the work

-I want this paper to show that intense research and facts were acquired from reading good sources of materials as i do not need generalization of the content.

-Materials to be used include: -Atleast 4 journals that can be verified 

      -3 good educational websites and should not be things like (.com and blogging websites)

      -The remaining 3, writer can choose to use e.g books, encyclopedia or anything else deemed viable to be used as source of information)



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