Standards of Operation Custom Essay

Standards of Operation How to clean a shower. Standard The shower should be cleaned once per week and even more more often if the shower is used frequently. Equipment Microfibre cloths Soft abrasive pads Trigger sprayer Pump-up sprayer Acidulate – shower cleaner Spectrum HBV Disinfectant Googles and gloves. Procedures Clean and disinfect every human contact surface With the use of trigger sprayer containing cleaner disinfectant, mist the hand rails, the floor, faucets and shower head, and shower seat or chair. Allow the disinfectant to dwell on the surfaces for ten minutes Rinse all the surfaces. Safety Make sure that you wear gloves and other equipment for personal protection Health The disinfectant used has to be approved by the organization’s management Policies To make sure that all showers of the hotel are clean, the supervisor in charge will supervise the work after the cleaning. Staffs would rotate every week to ensure that all staffs understand the shower cleaning procedures.

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