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1. Do you think many, if not most consumers understand health care is a business and that they have a stake in that business? Why or why not? Cite/ References Each Question

2. From your perspective and experience, do how do you see our industry adapting more traditionally business approaches (such as manufacturing, distributing, marketing)? Cite/ References Each Question

3. How do you define stakeholder? Are consumers considered stakeholders? Why or why not? Stakeholders originated with corporate business, so why it is used in health care? Cite/ References Each Question

4. How do you see the aging of America affecting your profession? Cite/ References Each Question

5.Because the U.S. has a shortage of doctors, should the admissions standards be so competitive? Why or why not? Cite/ References Each Question

6. From your experience and perspective, what criteria do you think consumers should use when choosing a health care provider? Does it matter to consumers the type of medical education the doctor has? Why or why not? Cite/ References Each Question

7. What can the United States’ health care system learn from health care systems such as Universal Health (UHC) or nationalize heatlh care services in other countries? What roles, if any, should the federal government have in health care planning? Explain.  Cite/ References Each Question

8. Has anyone considered why health care premiums are ‘high?’ There is a very specific reason why insurance companies have to set the rates high due to enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. What is the reason? Cite/ References Each Question


                                            DUE :   8-3-2014

                                            TIME:  EASTERN- 8PM




















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