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Answer the discussion questions, and justify your answers. Response must be 280 words for each question and response must be given back to the other student Megan miller.

1. Traditional career paths emphasize strict upward mobility within an organization. How does mobility differ in organizations with innovative career paths? List three innovative career paths discussed in this chapter and describe how mobility occurs in each.

2. A sound promotion policy is important. List the characteristics necessary for an effective promotion policy.

3. Compare and contrast a closed internal recruitment system with an open internal recruitment system.

Respond to megan miller’s response as well.

Megan Miller

RE: Week 7 Discussion

  • 2. A sound promotion policy is important. List the characteristics necessary for an effective promotion policy.

What I feel to be the most important characteristic of a promotion policy is performance based promotions. If a company were to promote an employee for reasons other than being able to complete set-forth tasks, they risk the possibility of the employee not being able to handle their new job role.

4. What information should be included in the targeted internal communication message?

A targeted internal communication message should include information that is tailored to a specific audience. The message should include information, such as the wanted KSAO’s, that will resonate with the specific target group to gain the most amount of qualified candidates.

5. Exhibit 6.9 contains many suggestions for improving the advancement of women and minorities. Choose the three suggestions you think are most important and explain why.

The biggest step a company can make in improving the advancement of women and minorities is the effect of positive company culture. If an overall company culture holds bias opinions over these groups, there will always be that outlook within the company. The first step to improve a company’s culture is a culture analysis. By looking at the overall perceptions of the company, you can lay out a plan on how to improve these negative perceptions. The second step is ensure management commitment. The age old term “lead by example” still holds true. This also presents the possibilities that if some of these negative views are felt by someone of management, you can begin to reevaluate your staffing choices. Finally, making improvements and change is the only way to take all of this new found knowledge and to put it into action. As they always say, “be the change you want to see in the world!”.

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