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  • Choose four (4) “Aspects of Employee Job Satisfaction” from Exhibit 4.18 in your textbook, and describe the main reasons why these four (4) aspects would be important deciding factors to consider when looking for a job or working in a different organization. Justify your response.
  • From the case study and e-Activity, identify three (3) additions that you believe would be necessary to add to one (1) of your chosen organization’s job descriptions and specializations that would have a significant influence on the hiring process. Justify your response.

A post in my staffing organization online class!! Please help

some of the aspects stated are: Extrinsic Rewards – Base Pay, Incentive Pay, Overtime Pay, Health Insurance, Promotion opportunities, Job security

Intrinsic Rewards – Using my skills, Doing significant tasks, deciding how to do my job, getting feedback from job, trust in management, communications from management


Below is the e-activity


Use the Internet to research two to three (2-3) job descriptions and / or job specializations of one (1) organization of your choice. Be prepared to discuss.

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