sql statement

1) Based on the feedback received on your assignment Database Schema, provide SQL statements to create the (revised) database and populate it with sample data (at least four rows per table).

2) Modify the database by adding an additional column (“Deleted_Date”) to those tables that represent entities that could contain data which can be deleted and justify your rationale in a short paragraph. In addition, explain what the tradeoffs are in using a marker-column for deletion, as opposed to actually deleting a row from a table?

APA format is not required.

(3)For this assignment you will create SQL queries use the following database schema:

  1. Patient—PatientID, Name, DOB
  2. Doctor—DoctorID, Name, MedLicenseNumber, Phone
  3. Medication—MedicationID, BrandName, GenericName
  4. Prescription—PrescriptionID, Date, PatientID, PrescriberID, MedicationID

Specify the SQL queries to retrieve:

  1. A list of all doctors.
  2. The number of patients who were born before 01/01/1994.
  3. The patient information along with the ID of any prescribing doctor for each patient.
  4. The prescription information along with patient name, DOB, medication brand name, and prescribing doctor name sorted by most recent date.
  5. The most prescribed generic medication name.

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