Sport Event Audit

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One of the main goals of this course this semester is to be able to discern what makes

for a successful event and what leads to failure. The difference between success and

failure can often mean millions of dollars in the highly competitive world of sport and


As a precursor to discussing the above this semester, I think it will be prudent to

examine what you, as a highly coveted target market for sport event organizers, feel

makes for a good event and what makes for a bad event. This short, early semester

assignment is meant to offer you a chance to make clear what you value as important in

the operation of an effective sport or recreation event.

In a 2-3 page, double-spaced report, please discuss the following:

  • What is the last sport/recreation event that you went to as a spectator?
  • Fill out the rest of the “W” questions. Where did it take place? Who was competing/
  • participating? When did it happen? Why did you choose to go to this event?

  • What was your impression of the event? Was it enjoyable? Was it not? And why do
  • you feel that way? Be honest! Negative reviews are often as enlightening as positive


  • If you could make a few recommendations as to how the event could be better
  • operated, what would you tell the event’s organizers?

    Finally, assign a letter grade to the overall event experience/operation in your honest


    As this is an assignment based purely on opinion, citations are not necessary. Please

    remember to put your findings down in paragraph format, however.

    Remember to upload a completed copy of your assignment onto Canvas in PDF or

    DOC format. As is custom with QAs in this course, I will pick a handful of you to discuss

    what you wrote about at the beginning of our next class. Those absent will receive a

    deduction to their attendance/participation portion of their final grade.

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