Spokane River

Spokane River

Read the Spokane River Public Guide 2009 – Spokane-River-Public-Guide2009.final.pdf

Watch this short video titled “Get the Lead Out”: http://www.landscouncil.org/water/get_the_lead_out_video.asp

Answer the questions found in this file – spokriv geol assign s13.pdf

Part 1 – Q1: Heavy metal contamination
What action and from where does heavy metal contamination originate? Discuss two health risks.
Part 1 – Q2: Wastewater
Define the term wastewater. In Spokane, where does wastewater go after treatment?
Part 1 – Q3: Stormwater
Define the term stormwater.
Part 1 – Q4: CSO
At what time does untreated water discharge from the CSO (combined sewer overflow) pipes? Are these pipes marked with signs along the river?
Part 1 – Q5: Chemical toxin contamination
Name two chemical toxins in the Spokane river, identify a common source, and discuss two possible health effects.
Part 1 – Q6: Biomagnification
Define biomagnification. Discuss the fish advisory.
Part 1 – Q7: Personal action
Discuss one personal action you could take to help protect local water quality.
Part 2 – Summary
Summarize what you learned regarding the public guide. Include a reflection based on personal opinion and curriculum from class. Must be at least 250 words.

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