SpED 3306: Observation discussion board

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Answer the following questions in your own words. If you need to reference outside sources, be sure to cite your sources using APA format. Once you have submitted your responses, reply to at least two peers with well-thought, inquisitive responses. Note that this is a discussion. Therefore, posts should be interactive and respectful. You will not be able to view your peers’ responses until you have submitted your answers. The initial answers are worth 12 points and peer responses are worth 8 points.

1. Imagine that you are a second grade classroom teacher or behavioral consultant. You have 26 students in your class, so your time and attention is limited. One student, Brian, appears to be off-task frequently during independent reading time.

  • Develop a behavioral definition of “off task behavior.” See your book and lecture for details of what is required for a behavioral definition. (Note that everyone’s definition of “off-task” behavior may be a little different. I am looking for you to define it in unambiguous terms)
  • State which recording method you would use to record off-task behavior and why you chose that method over the other recording methods.

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