sped 3306 : Important Contributors to Behavior Analysis

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Using information from Lesson 1 in your text and the lecture, write a 2-3 page review paper outlining the important individuals and their contributions to behavior analysis. Details of your paper are listed below.

  • In a Microsoft Word document (with your name at the top), list and bold each of the prominent figures within behavior analysis.
  • Include at least 4 individuals. You may need to consult outside sources.
  • For each person, describe his or her contribution to the field in complete sentences. Each person’s description should be approximately 1 paragraph, which means you may need to consult outside sources. Any outside sources should be properly cited using APA format. Do not consult Wikipedia or other .com websites, as these are not reliable sources.
  • At the end of your paper, construct 1 paragraph stating what you feel the greatest contribution was to behavior analysis and why. Include how this might affect your future career as an educator or other professional.

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