Specially Effects and Prosthetic Make-up

please make sure that the assignment shoul have heading
The assignment should include 4 sactions heading1) Compare/Contrast
Compare /Contrast the different materials that you are working with and the results achieved This could include the properties(available colours durability, time implications, price, health and safety of the material etc.2)Consider
Consider the suitability of the effect for media use, i.e. TV/Theatre/ Film.3 )Reflection/evaluation of your work as well as a plan of action to improve your performance, this may include further research, working on a variety of skin types, timing/practice etc.4)Research
You are required to research the following skin disfigurements/traurmas once only .please ensure that this corresponds with the make-up effect when you create it.
Research relating to the disfiguring of skin to include real images and industry examples as appropriate. Spots and cold sores-Acne and Herpes Scaring hypertrophic and Atrophic scar tissue Bruising-Beaten up effects-swellings, split skin and blood skin disorders and injuries-tissue breakdown- burnsHere the link show you exactly what i did on my applicationand the attachments is the lecture and my own pictures of my work

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