Spatiotemporal ozone Academic Essay

Spatiotemporal ozonea pollution distribution in Houston Texas Harris Countybased on Kriging methodfor certain years

Spatiotemporal analysis will be based on Kriging method and simple

Ambient ozone pollution can have adverse effects on the health of exposed populations, but individuals or groups are not equally vulnerable, and pollution reduction benefits are likely to be unevenly distributed within a population. While the use of total-population risks is a valid approach for public health protection, it is increasingly recognized that more attention on vulnerable groups is necessary.

Vulnerable Groups mean poor, disability, old, children, people who live under poverty level, people who have socio economic problems etc.


1- ) Ozone pollution

2- ) ozone Pollution and Health Impact

3- ) Spatiotemporal Ozone distribution Models

4- ) Interpolation methods specifically Kriging.

You will answer the questions based on the literature and my dissertation direction

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