Sources of Guidance

Topic: Sources of Guidance

Subject area: Religion and Theology

Number of pages: 3

Writing style: MLA

Type of document: Essay

Academic level: Undergraduate

Number of sources/references: 3

Research and summarize information from the Bible that should be considered in making a decision on the issue. Here are some hints and general areas to look at. • What was the scientific context/understanding in biblical times o Understanding of sexual orientation o Understanding of the biological processes • What was the cultural context/understanding in biblical times • What Scripture verses aIDress the issue of homosexuality o What are the ways specific words can be translated o What are the traditional interpretations o What are alternative interpretations o What is the biblical context for the verses • Are there other Scripture verses that challenge traditional interpretation • Other points Grading Rubric (5 is excellent, 4 is good, 2 and 3 are average, 1 needs work and 0 unacceptable) Shows mastery of the material Shows insights into the issue/material aIDressed Balanced and considers various points of view/options Research is sound and from reputable sources Displays critical thinking/scholasticism Proper mechanics- spelling, grammar, punctuation and so on

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