solution focus therapy

I am seeking some help with this assignment. It is regarding Solution focus therapy and I will attach many of the required information. A couple of notes about this week’s assignment:

1. Please remember to answer all parts of the assignment. There are 3 parts to the assignment (dialogue, explanation paragraphs, narrative therapy intervention).

2. Please remember to identify the Solution Focused Technique that you are using within the dialogue. Some mistakenly write a full dialogue but don’t make note of which statements they are using as a SFT Technique. It’s best to write the technique right after the statement/question (ie. Therapist: blah blah blah – Miracle Question)

3. You have been given the option of two separate scenarios. Please remember this is a class on family therapy so the session should include at least two family members. To be clear, your dialogue should not involve only you and one client.

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