Sociology multiple-choice questions

1. Cultural explanations of race do not reflect the racist ideology of biological explanations.

2. Teenagers who took the Virginity Pledge had a 40% lower rate of STDs than those who didn’t.
3. Today, the typical Black family has only ½ the net worth of the typical White family.
4. Given the high frequency of variation in sex, social discomfort and fear of difference, rather than medical necessity, may be what pushes parents and surgeons to the operating table.
5. In the work place, sexual harassment is one of the chief ways men can resist gender equality.
6. The ghetto was deliberately and systematically constructed by Whites to keep Blacks locked into their unequal place.
7. Boys and girls may share one classroom, but they receive 2 separate educations.
8. Women still earn 74 cents for every dollar a man earns.
9. Widespread misunderstanding bout MiIDle Easterners derives from their negative stereotyping in the mainstream media.
10. The Irish were once believed to be a people with differences in their blood making them permanently inferior to White Americans.
11. Among social categories, those who go unquestioned tend to be the most privileged.
12. Most Muslims are not Arabs.

13. The functions of maintaining poverty include
A. Creation of a cheap labor pool
B. Generating jobs for other socio-economic classes
C. Performing hazardous and undesirable jobs
D. Consumption of damaged goods
E. All of the above

14. Gender socialization is
A. Generalizations applied to all members of a group
B. Gender-based expectations and behaviors
C. The process of learning the culturally approved expectations for males and females
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

15. One out of ___ American Blacks in NYC are foreign-born
A. 2 D. 10
B. 3 E. none of the above
C. 6
16. One way that wealth creates poverty is
A. By creating and maintaining low-wage jobs
B. By creating time-consuming obstacles to receiving welfare, food stamps and WIC
C. By constantly creating new definitions of necessity and unlimited wants
D. By continuing to increase the prices of food, shelter, medical care and education
E. All of the above

17. Women’s subordination is first and foremost a problem of
A. The Muslim world D. Patriarchy
B. Religious beliefs E. none of the above
C. Capitalism

18. The complete dominance of a group of people, a type of power so complete that it goes unnoticed by the people who are dominated is known as
A. Hegemony D. Structural functionalism
B. Ideology E. Biological determinism
C. Essentialism

19. Poverty affects
A. Physical health D. Mortality rates
B. Life chances E. All of the above
C. Infant mortality rates

20. The Jim Crow system of segregation in the South was maintained by
A. The one-drop rule D. Ethnocentrism
B. Federal legislation E. All of the above
C. Constitutional amendments

21. The elimination of gender inequality as ‘business as usual’ seems dependent upon
A. Further education D. gender scripts
B. The feminine vote E. increased technology
C. Equal pay for equal work

22. Calling attention to Whiteness helps Whites understand
A. Racism D. How slanted the playing field really is
B. Ethnicity E. Model minority status
C. Minority groups

23. The continued existence of the poor
A. Reassures the more privileged of their status D. All of the above
B. Functions as social scapegoats E. None of the above
C. Conveys the message that crime doesn’t pay due to their high arrest and conviction rates
24. Biological reductionism, essentialism, lack of empirical evidence and White miIDle-class bias are criticisms of
A. Structure functionalism D. Hegemony
B. Parson’s sex-role theory E. All of the above
C. Freudian theory

25. Which is true about gender?
A. It is a social institution that established patterns of expectations for individuals
B. It is built into the major institutions of society like the economy, ideology, family and politics
C. It has profound consequences for the life chances of people
D. It is about power struggles from household economics to birth control and baby names
E. All of the above

26. Cultural history, institutional structure, race and a lack of a feudal history all account for
A. The Culture of Poverty in America
B. Relative US poverty and/or Absolute US poverty
C. Policies favoring welfare, food stamps and WIC
D. The extent of American income inequality in comparison to other industrialized countries
E. All of the above

27. The ethnic group that has surpassed other ethnic minorities and Whites in education and jobs are
A. Asians D. Irish
B. Blacks E. None of the above
C. Natives

28. Which is not included in racist beliefs?
A. Certain groups are superior to others
B. Humans are divided into distinct physical types
C. Humans contain distinct bloodlines
D. Bloodlines are linked to cultures, behaviors and intellectual abilities
E. None of the above

29. If you were born with male parts, you are absolutely a man, and you will be sexually attracted to women only, as preordained by nature. This line of reasoning is
A. Feminism D. Gendered
B. Essentialism E. Neutrality
C. Functionalism

30. The legitimating rationale for conquest, colonialism and exploitation was
A. Freudian theory D. Functional theory
B. Race E. None of the above
C. Gender
31. Prejudice is a/an ____ while discrimination is a/an
A. Attitude/action D. None of the above
B. Action/ attitude E. Any of the above
C. Misdemeanor/felony

32. One out of ___ Black men in their 20s is in prison or jail, or on probation or parole at any time
A. 2 D. 6
B. 3 E. None of the above
C. 4

33. Life chances refer to
A. OIDs of obtaining desirable resources and opportunities over one’s lifetime
B. Undesirable changes in one’s day-to-day existence
C. Socio-economic status
D. The number of deaths per 100,000 population
E. All of the above

34. The average CEO makes ___ times more pay than the typical workers
A. 300 D. 600
B. 458 E. Twice
C. 1000

35. Herbert Spencer is best known for his theory of
A. Gender D. Bureaucracy
B. Conflict E. All of the above
C. Social Darwinism

36. Parson’s nuclear family explanation has been criticized for
A. Being unable to account for historical change D. All of the above
B. Circular in logic (tautological or teleological) E. None of the above
C. Presuming that a need exists prior to the emergence of the function

37. Which is the single most important determinant of where people live?
A. Income D. State laws
B. Education E. Prestige
C. Race
Use the choices below to answer Questions 38 through 49.
A. Gender G. Jews
B. Biological determinism H. Racialized
C. Herstory I. Majority-minority relations
D. Matrix of domination J. Ignited the Civil Rights Movement
E. Glass escalator K. Poverty
F. Social Darwinism L. Race

38. Social construct designed to devalue some people by defining them as inferior.
39. A social construction so deeply rooted and seemingly natural that it’s a major structure organizing our everyday lives.
40. Some groups are better fit for survival and thus intended by nature to dominate inferior races.
41. Assimilation, discrimination, pluralism, segregation and genocide.
42. What you do in the social world should be a direct result of who you are in the natural world.
43. A condition of deprivation due to economic conditions in which one cannot live with dignity .
44. A religious group that has been racialized.
45. An approach that tries so hard to include female experiences that ends up assessing everything that women do as superb.
46. To come under a forced identifying label or marker of “otherness”.
47. When men enter predominantly female occupations, they enjoy a quicker rise to leadership.
48. USC Brown v. Board of Education.
49. Intersection of gender, sexual orientation, race, class, nationality and ability.
50. The minority group having the highest rates of poverty and unemployment, and the lowest rates of education, health care and life chances is
A. Blacks D. Natives
B. Whites E. Asians
C. Hispanics

51. The allegation that Native Americans crossed a land bridge to inhabit America
A. Was invented to justify the colonization of Natives by the Europeans
B. Has been proven false by geological research
C. Has been proven false by archeological research
D. All of the above
E. None of the above.

52. The Genome Project has shown us that there is only one race. It is ___________.
ACCT CASE 3: Income Statement
Part I.
• Why is revenue recognition a significant issue? How do we determine when revenues are recorded for accounting purposes?
• Explain the difference between a product and period expense.
• Discuss the matching concept as it relates to accounting for revenues and inventory.
Part II. Refer to the latest annual financial statements for the two following companies: Apple: and Philips: Generally, this information is found in the Investor Relations area of the website.
Clearly identify the companies, the time period, and include the link to the financial statements you are analyzing in your report.
• What accounting conventions do the two companies follow, US GAAP or IFRS?
• Locate the income statement for the past two years for both companies. Prepare a table comparing five items or more from each statement.
• Comment on the changes from one year to another. Is the company doing better or worse? Did revenues and expenses increase or decrease?
• Is it easy to discern trends or compare the information from year to year and between the two companies?



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