socio-political perspective

socio-political perspective

This assignment requires you to analyze a health policy document from a socio-political perspective

Your analysis should aIDress the following key questions:

•    What is the main health area of the policy? (e.g. mental health, women’s health, etc.)

•    Who are the stakeholders in the policy? (e.g. these are the people that have a stake in dealing with the problem, e.g. nurses, children, bio-ethicists, people

living in poverty, the disabled, etc.—you may identify stakeholders that are not mentioned in the policy).

•    What is the desired outcome/effect of the policy? Why is it important that the health issue be resolved or improved?

•    What perspective does the policy take in relation to the structure-agency continuum? (i.e. does the policy focus more on the structures of society (class,

gender, race, ethnicity, disability, rurality) or on the actions of individuals and particular groups?)

•    What perspective does the policy take in relation to the illness/wellness continuum? (i.e. does it focus more on the treatment of the illness/problem or on the

creation of wellness through prevention and early intervention?)

•    What do you think the priority areas should be to effectively respond to the health issue/problem described in the policy? Do you think the policy acknowledges

and includes these priority areas? Please provide evidence for your answer.

•    How does the policy promote participatory care within the normal social contexts of individuals and communities?

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