socialist systems of medicine around the world

Topic: socialist systems of medicine around the world

Description: [?]

Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

choose 2 industrialized countries (Germany and UK) and 2 non
industrialized countries (Ethiopia and Indonesia) with socialist
health care systems write everything about the system, Population,
Life Expectancy, Per 1000 live Births, Adult Mortality, Maternal
Mortality, Risk factors, Chronic Diseases, Immunization among 1 yr.
old, Health Services Coverage, Health Systems Resources, Health
Workforce, Health Financing, Health Inequities, Health Inequities by
Equivalised Income, Demographics and Socioeconomic Status, etc. and
more please include the World Health Organization web in the sources
you can find a lot there. Talk about the system please give details be
specific.The sources have to be peer review good scholar sources, no
.com or Wikipedia, .gov and .edu is fine. The paper has to be custom
no copy and paste I have to turn it, in Paper will be
graded on the basis of style (including grammar and spelling), depth,
clarity, applicability, adequacy of references

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