Social Work Practice and Field Academic Essay

1) The family/ client system (Sharon, Ruth, Kevin and Chloe) has come into the school social work office for services. You are the social worker assigned to their case. Discuss the engagement process and describe any specific personal and professional considerations of this case situation on all three levels of social work practice. Discuss if there are ways that engagement may or may not need to go beyond the immediate family.

2) Using the generalist model of social work practice, prioritize the needs of this family. Identify six (6) goals for this case (3 long-term and 3 short-term goals) as well as two (2) objectives for each goal. Prioritize the goals and objectives. Develop specific strategies for intervention applying theories.

3) Explain how your interventions are culturally sensitive to the needs of the client system(s). Explain interventions related to population at risk. Describe how you will demonstrate cultural competence with your client system(s).

4) If you have not aIDressed communication issues in your above answers, discuss possible communication challenges and describe how you would intervene.

5) Identify one ethical dilemma that could potentially impact this client system. Which ethical framework might you use for resolving this dilemma? Describe the steps you would take in ethical decision making and resolving the ethical dilemma.

6) Describe how you will measure that family members have met their individual treatment goals. Discuss possible transitions and ends that will occur with the client system.

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