social welfare problem and policy

This is a research and also an interview paper. I interviewed my mom and i’ll send you the interview so you can answer the questions that follows.

Each student will study a social welfare problem and policy that addresses a social welfare problem based on experiences of an individual interviewee. For the paper, each student will interview a family member, neighbor or friend – someone who has personally experienced a social welfare problem such as poverty, food instability, disability, unemployment, discrimination, or as a returning war veteran. The paper needs to be a report about a social welfare issue, a policy, and a program designed to address a social welfare problem in the context of a historical period. Describe the problem your interviewee faced, and describe the policy and program s/he turned to for help and her/his experiences and outcomes after seeking help. Follow the rubric and review the exemplar paper in BB as a guide. Please note that quality of writing is included into the rubric and will be considered carefully when providing a final score.

The social work Alden library social work website (Libguide/Study Guide) provides a list of laws from which you can choose to do your project. Plus, the Study Guide (See BB Resources) provides specific information for this course and this paper. Be sure to refer also to policy information from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) newest edition of the policy manual Social Work Speaks, which is available in Alden Library.

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