Social Security

Democrats in the American governments are campaigning for the expansion of the Social Security Benefits instead of leaving it to the private sector. America relies heavily on the private sector to provide in the provision of most of what they require making the government move to take over the Social Security issue welcome to many. The government should always do various issues for its citizens such as the traffic control and providing national security. The government is performing well in the health sector by providing health insurance to its citizens although the conservatives want it privatized. Through the Medicare and Medicaid, the government provides a cheaper form of insurance as compared to the private sector. In America, healthcare is expensive especially under the private practitioners and any government intervention is very welcome.

The government is also the major provider of retirement benefits for many citizens working in the public sector. Many citizens do not think of saving for their future especially after retirement, which makes the government participation in assisting them to save very important. Many American citizens save very little and invest poorly making it hard for them to survive during their old age. According to some reports from the White House, citizens lose billions through payments made to private advisors on matters of investments. The charges the advisors charge their clients are huge, a factor that calls for the government intervention. Since people are employed and have families to care for, it is the best idea for them to have access to information on investment opportunities and savings. The economy of America should provide an environment that caters for real people living normal family lives such as meeting all family’s expenses and trying to save and invest for their future. In many nations, Retirement and Social Security are working well in which the government apply simple methods with fewer bureaucracies and low operating costs. The attempt of privatization of the Social Security by President Bush when he was in power received support especially by the private players.


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