Social/Public Problem Paper

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Social/Public Problem Paper: Each student will select a social problem. Students will then write a paper that discusses both the “social” perspective and about the “public” perspective of the problem (e.g. social problem: poverty public, problem: child poverty in America; social problem: gender inequality, public problem: discrimination of women in the workforce).

This paper should identify any particular characteristic of the population which suffers this problem or that is at risk. The paper should draw on considerable outside research and supply original and critical insights into the topic chosen. Your paper should only focus on the problem and not the public intervention.

Students are encouraged to use any but one consistent academic writing style. All papers should be 6 pages long and must be typed, Times New Roman, double spaced using 12-point font, and APA Format. Your paper must contain a minimum of 3-4 sources

Choose ONE of the following topics as your social problem for this paper:

  • Economic Disadvantage
  • Family & Community
  • Health and Medicine
  • Homelessness
  • Mental Illness
  • Physical & Substance Abuse
  • Crime & Delinquency

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