social political and ecominc conditions

To complete this discussion, respond to the following question in addition to raising additional questions and perspectives that may surface after completing the required reading for this week.

The link between social, political and economic conditions having an impact on a person’s occupational health is evident (Ratcliff, 2017). After reviewing the reading this week, select a peer-reviewed article of your choice that provides a comparison and analysis of occupational health threats within the United States and in another country. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two countries. In your response, also include the strength(s) and weakness(es), implications for policy and practice, and what is being explored in terms of future research. Support your work with examples and consider reviewing the body of scholarly literature when providing your initial response to this question. Please be sure to include the article that you have chosen by highlighting the entire reference of the source at the end of your initial post to the discussion thread for this week.

Additionally, create two discussion questions related to your article to your classmates for further discourse.

400 words, APA format, 1 text citation, 1 article citation!


Ratcliff, K. (2017). The social determinants of health: looking upstream. Cambridge, UK Malden, MA: Polity Press.

  • Ratcliff (2017). Chapter 7 – Occupational Health
  • MCN’s Environmental and Occupational Health Program Initiatives
  • Frontiers in Public Health: Occupational Safety

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