Social ordinance Academic Essay

Social Ordinance: A Means to Foster a Spirit of Community

You work with a social service agency. The agency wants to intervene in any of the acts that have a serious negative impact on the community. However, your agency has to make sure that the interventions have minimal impact on civil liberties. The strategy of your agency is to aid in community integration. Your agency believes that community integration is done through the introduction of social ordinances that foster a spirit of community.

Your agency has asked you to create a persuasive argument to convince community members to allow people, whose behavior was once considered deviant, a chance to be integrated back into the community. Write a 4- to 5-page persuasive argument in a Microsoft Word document about why the community would benefit from having the following individuals integrated back into the community:

Former prisoners arrested for nonviolent crimes
Rehabilitated drug users
Former gang members who have left that life

Your argument should include the following:

Description of the changed deviant behavior
Analysis of the reasons why people had these kinds of deviant behavior
Analysis of the reasons why society should accept these individuals
Explanation of the reasons why these people are not harmful to society once rehabilitated from previous behavior
Analysis of the legal sanctions for not accepting the individuals

Support your responses with examples.

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