slide presentation against fracking.

I’m trying to learn for my Environmental Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Need help to create scientific materials in a slide presentation to guide a parent-community protest at a town hall meeting against fracking.

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12-to-15 slide presentation (not including the title and references slides)

Follow APA (6th editon) format for the references and in-text citations.

Step 1. Read and Imagine

Read the following scenario:

Imagine you have children at a local school. The community learns of plans for a drilling company to start fracking for shale gas in a nearby field. Concerned, you attend a meeting of parents planning to protest the fracking project.

One parent stands up and says: “We need to make sure fracking doesn’t poison our groundwater with heavy metals!”

You resolve to help the parents lead the most scientifically accurate protest possible at a town hall meeting.

Step 2. Research

Use these questions to guide scientifically supported information gathering:

  • To what extent does fracking pose a heavy metal contamination danger to groundwater?
  • What are other dangers of fracking? Include greenhouse gas emissions and photochemical reactions.
  • What remedial steps should the drilling company take to offset the dangers?
  • Step 3. Summarize
    Summarize the dangers of fracking for a lay audience, including parents and community members. Identify the key pollutants, such as brominated hydrocarbons, methane, and barium salts, and the specific health risks for each one.
    Include remedial measures the community would insist the drilling company implement if it moves ahead with fracking. This should cover threats posed to surface water, groundwater, and the atmosphere.
    Step 4. Compile
    Compile the information from Steps 2-3 in a 12- to 15-slide presentation (not including the title and references slides).Your presentation should be scientific with evidence support but in lay terms.
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