Skin Cancer- Types Cells Origin Academic Essay

Almost any cells in the body can become cancerous, but skin cancer is one of the most common forms here in the United States. (CDC, 2014) Cancer occurs when cells in the body begin to grow uncontrollably. It can be very costly, and mutilating to treat.The major cause of skin cancer is excessive exposure to UV Rays from the sunlight and also tanning beds with lack of sunscreen or proper protection. There are three common types of skin cancer: Basal cell, Squamous cell, and Melanoma. (ACS, 2016) Basal Cell carcinoma is very common, and it begins in the basal cell layer of the skin which is the cells in the lower part of our epidermis, these are the cells that are constantly at work; basal cells continuously divide to replace the squamous cells that are wearing off of the surface of our skin. (ACS, 2016) Basal Cell cancers tend to grow slowly and are unlikely to become invasive, yet someone who has once had basal cell cancer removed is likely to develop another spot some where on their body in due time. These cancers are most common on the areas that are always exposed to the sun such as our ears, nose, face, neck, arms, lips and even the backs of our hands. (ACS, 2016) It can be treated if caught in time and is likely to recur at some point after treatment. Squamous cell cancer is a lot like basal cell. It is found in the Squamous layer of the skin which makes up the outer part of our epidermis. These cells are constantly sheIDing as basal cells replace those squamous cells. If looking at Squamous cell carcinomas under a microscope they appear to be oID squamous cells. (ACS, 2016) These too appear on sun exposed areas, and they are more likely to delve deeper into the layers of our skin and can also lead to development of skin sores and/or scars on other areas of the skin. (ACS, 2016) It is uncommon that this type of cancer spread to other parts of the body, but it can happen. The most serious form of skin cancer is Melanoma. This cancer develops in the Melanocytes, which are what make up our pigment of skin. Melanocytes are also responsible for developing the moles that pop up out of nowhere on our skin. Melanomas are much less common than Squamous and Basal cell cancers, but they are the most dangerous. Like Basal and Squamous cell cancers it is highly treatable when caught early, but what makes it life threatening is that if it isn’t caught early enough it can spread to other parts of our body and can even cause death. (ACS, 2016) It is important to wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses when exposed to the sun. It is also important to check yourself for oID colored moles, freckles, or any skin spots that look abnormal. Skin cancers can appear dark/black in color, or they can appear a light shade of pink or even white. It is best to remember that though the sun may give us life, it can also drain us of it as well. Take your skin serious!

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