Site report not book.

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

My class is Family and human services programs. and i would like you to do a report about this specific organization:

with this guidelines:

This assignment has three parts.

The first part is to choose a human service organization and gather information regarding the structure and services of the organization.Do NOT ask the organization to give you a tour or set up a meeting.Appropriate ways to obtain this information is looking online and through their brochures. When determining which organizations to research, consider the nature of the work that is of greatest interest to you and select agencies that offer these opportunities.

For the second part, you will explore the range of professional working at that agency.Chose 3 different roles of professionals in the agency to explore further.What does the role that professional play in the agency?What other types of roles does this profession play in other organizations?

The third part of the assignment is to summarize your findings from part one and part two in a user-friendly document and then to discuss your findings with a small group. In addition to turning in a digital copy, please bring a hard copy into class to discuss with peers. a rubric, can be found on attachment.

So you have to do the site report to be easy to read and (not an essay format).


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