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Here are the instructions and format for the Treatment Plan Paper:

This is a follow-up to your Biopsychosocial Assessment. You are to come up with 2 GOALS, AND EACH GOAL IS TO HAVE 2 OBJECTIVES. Provided below are the 2 Goals along with 1 Objective. The Biopsychosocial is also attached below to get a better understanding.

Goal 1– managing her HIV treatment

Goal 2 – Being financial independents

Objective 1 – Buying a pill organizer (1 week)

You should follow the guidelines discussed in Chapter 6 of text and in class.

Treatment Plan Assignment

Treatment (Service) Plan

The purpose of this assignment is to practice and develop social work skills in treatment/service planning. Students will prepare and submit a Treatment/Service Plan with your client. The client is Marisha

1. The Treatment Plan builds on the information presented in the Biopsychosocial Assessment so that there is a logical progression from content written in that BPS Assignment to the treatment plan devised for this assignment.

2. Select at least two problems presented by client. Prioritize these problems using a rationale such as Maslow’s hierarchy, client readiness or preference, legal mandate, etc. This has already been selected which are the two Goals I provided above.

Note: Present one problem at a time to completion.

3. Present the problems in terms of unmet needs.

4. For each problem, write a goal that provides direction for work.

  1. For each problem, evaluate levels of intervention. Should an intervention be planned for the micro, mezzo and/or macro level? Might these interventions be effective? What are the pros and cons of each intervention?
  1. For each problem, create a tentative strategy or strategies.

7. For each problem, write at least two measurable objectives that includes performance, conditions and standards. (Who will do what by when and to what extent)

8. For each problem, you may include action steps as needed to assist and guide the client (or worker) in achieving the objective.

9. Finished document is typed, double spaced, and size 10-12 font, free from spelling and grammatical error, one to two pages in length.

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