simple linear regression analysis

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1- The purpose of regression analysis is to model the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In Chapter 11, we study simple linear regression analysis for a single independent variable x that has a linear relationship with the dependent variable y. Search for a video, news item, or article (include the link in your discussion post) that gives you a better understanding of simple linear regression or is an application in your field of study. Explain in your post why you chose this item and how your linked item corresponds to our Chapter 11 course objectives(attached). Then describe how you could use simple linear regression in a life situation.

2- response to the following:

The above link is a video that clearly and simply explains what regression is, where the variables come from, and how it’s used. I think it does a good job of summarizing what we have discussed in class thus far on linear regression. Linear regression and being able to define relationships between variables is incredibly important to my career as an electrical engineering. I specialize in renewable energy systems, so a very simple example of how I would use linear regression is to find the relationship between power generated and area of solar panels.

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