signaling system 7 ss7 telecommunication protocol 1

SS7 or Signaling System 7 is a protocol suite used by most telecommunications operators throughout the world to communicate with one another when directing calls, texts and Internet data.

Exploiting and taking advantages of SS7 weakness in its design which enable data theft, eavesdropping, text interception and location tracking to allow the hackers to listen in private phone calls and read text messages on a potentially vast scale, despite the most advanced encryption used by cellular networks.

1-search the weakness and strength of this protocol after the introduction

2- see if there are some vulnerabilities in this protocol

3- explain if there are recommendations


There is an IEEE template of the article can be found as attachment . Your article must obey the template guidelines in precise manner.

At least, five of your references must to be from journal articles published in well publishers’ databases; IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wileyand

Taylor& Francis.

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