Short Discussion Questions Answer the following Short Discussion Questions: Compare and contrast any two of the following learning theories:

Short Discussion QuestionsAnswer the following Short Discussion Questions:1. Compare and contrast any two of the following learning theories: expectancy theory, social learning theory, reinforcement theory, information processing theory.Assume you are training an employee to diagnose and repair a loose wire in an electrical socket. After demonstrating the procedure to follow, you let the trainee show you how to do it. The trainee correctly demonstrates the process and repairs the connection on the first attempt! Has learning occurred, yes or no? Justify your answer.3. Go to, Big Dog’s ISD (Instructional System Design) page. This website is an excellent resource that describes all aspects of the Instructional System Design model. Click on “Learning” and scroll to the concept map or list of terms under the map. Click on “Learning styles” and take the VAK survey. What are the implications of your learning style for how you best learn? What type of learning environment is best suited for your style? Be as specific as possible.

1. Both social learning and expectancy theory are very important theory in psychology thathelps in understanding the behavior of the human. Albert Bandura defined the concept ofsocial learning…

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