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In today’s world, both government and the private sector are struggling to provide a secure, efficient, timely, and separate means of delivering essential services internationally. As a result, these critical national infrastructure systems remain at risk from potential attacks via the Internet.

It is the policy of the United States to prevent or minimize disruptions to the critical national information infrastructure in order to protect the public, the economy, government services, and the national security of the United States.The Federal Government is continually increasing capabilities to address cyber risk associated with critical networks and information systems.

Please explain how you would reduce potential vulnerabilities, protect against intrusion attempts, and better anticipate future threats.

You must do the following:

1) Create a new thread. As indicated above, please explain how you would reduce potential vulnerabilities, protect against intrusion attempts, and better anticipate future threats.

words :300

and also provide replies to below 2 student posts each in 130 words.

sathish – Some database theory and associated uses of databases used by organizations and or businesses in their operations, they are not recommended for production systems due to their inherent complexity. Additionally, major database systems often require extensive tuning to perform their functions optimally. Security considerations such as password and user requirements, secure tables, balanced data structures, data integrity and recovery, database replication, and backup policies are also important considerations. A family of specialized systems for the management and maintenance of distributed databases, variously called relational databases, noSQL databases, large-scale multi-region databases, high-availability databases, multi-region databases, and data warehouses. These systems typically have extensive transaction processing capability and are typically aware of transactional dependencies. (Moon, H. (2019))

Some programs and other software components contain a database. Database has many general and specialized meanings. Database may refer to a collection of data in a data-entry format. Another meaning is that of a data structure, a database structure. Finally, the term database refers to any structured record of data in a computer system. A database can be a powerful source of intelligence. Can build a database to track every item sell. Build a database to monitor inventory. Can build a database to let know how busy warehouse is and how many cars are in inventory. And even if you’ve never worked in the logistics business, can learn some things about the business from some of the articles that read on the internet.

Perhaps the best way to use a database is to use it to track and document customer relationships. The structure of this database and its content can differ according to the data type; here, we use the structural definition as is evident from the common terminology. (Ulukus, S. (2018))

sarguna- Database theory can be described as a collection of studies that are related to the rational model of data. From the description, it is clear that the database is all about relations and basically the relationship of data and how it can be analyzed and be important as well. Some of the concepts associated with database theory include the dependency theory (Elmasri & Navathe, 2017). This addresses the generalization of functional dependencies. It means that there is classifying data interrelationships. Therefore a database can be used in various areas. For example in businesses, a database can be used to support operations of organizations by simply linking online interactions with customers and the suppliers. Additionally, they can also be sued to hold specialized information or data from various fields such as engineering and economics. Therefore, a database can be considered as the foundation of a computer basically because it involves analyzation of data so that it can be organized to be accessed by a computer. Additionally, it also involves complex operations that involve data processing operation thus being regarded as the foundation of computer science.

The operational excellence or operation management of databases should be strategic in nature or in any other form. The main reason why should be strategic is simply based on the operations of the organization. For instance, the database should have concurrency control strategies (Gunasekaran & Subramanian, 2018). In this case, it means that the features of the database should allow several users to the same item at the same time. Additionally, the nature of the database should be self-describing. The database is regarded as self-describing simply because it contains the database itself. However, we also have metadata data that describes the data relationships between tables in the database. Basically, when coming up with a database for a certain organization, the database should be selected in a manner that suits the organization’s preference and the database should be aimed at improving the operations carried out within the organization.

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