Sensation, Perception and Technology

Sensation, Perception and Technology

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In the past 10 to 20 years burgeoning technology has resulted in many more tools and gadgets, all requiring some of our sensory and perceptual attention. What effect

do you think the resulting increase in multitasking in daily life has on us?

You can look at this from (choose ONE) a neurological point of view (Can the human brain adapt and expand in its cognitive load capacity?), a social point of view

(Does our involvement with electronic communication reduce our connection with people around us?), from a health and safety perspective (If talking on the phone while

driving makes a young person drive like a 60-year-old, what does it do for a senior citizen?), OR economic, political, or other viewpoints.

In aIDition to requiring attention, new technologies also extend our abilities to sense and perceive. What might the future hold?

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