Sco May 1 Date E2-18 (similar to) parts remaining (Click the icon to view the transactions.) The following transactions occurred for Webster…

I am having some trouble understanding how to do the transaction journal entries. Any guidance you can provide would help

ScoMay 1DateE2-18 (similar to)partsremaining(Click the icon to view the transactions.)The following transactions occurred for Webster Technology Solutions:Accounts and ExplanationMay 1: The business received cash of $115,000 and issued common stock to Jason Webster.Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer.Read the requirement.(Record debits first, then credits. Select the explanation on the last line of the jourrDebitCreditMayMore Infoof $47,000.Jason Webster.Clear All49 Paid $100 on accounts payable.31 Incurred and paid salaries, $1,800.19 Paid rent expense for the month, $600.2 Purchased office supplies on account, $400.23 Received $1,200 cash on account from a customer.17 Performed services for customers on account, $2,000.Print6 Performed services for customers and received cash, $2, 100.21 Paid $900 for advertising in next month’s IT Technology magazine.1 The business received cash of $115,000 and issued common stock to20 Received $1,600 from customers for services to be performed next month.4 Paid $52,000 cash for building and land. The building had a fair market valueDoneXCheck

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