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Discuss the importance of user technology security education within organizations. What topics should be included in security education and training?

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nirmal – In any organization, usage and necessity of the information is increasing steadily and it is demanding resource when compare to all other resources. It is valuable and must be protected properly by an organization to prevent from unwanted threat. Companies should concentrate on intrinsic and operations managements to make sure security of all the operation policies and data are safe. Protecting the organization’s system, information, hardware, communication, and storage platform is called Information security. There are many challenges for an organization to manage all these things appropriately. Employees should understand both the internal and external threats in order to identify the issue and react to that accordingly. Lack of security awareness in information may affect performance of an organization in the current market. Protecting the information is not enough, proper method of protection is very important. So, introducing security education and training the employees within organization is very important to prevent all the security threat.

Company should implement security regulation and update that frequently to avoid latest or modern threats. Security and social engineering teams should be up to date with cyber security. Employees must be aware of email scams and they must contact their superiors before taking any action on unidentifiable emails or malware. Social engineering risk is very common threat these days based on individual vulnerabilities. Hackers can easily manipulate employees into providing company’s important information. Physical and environment securities are also important for a company to prevent from identity security risk. So, companies can include above topics in their security awareness training.

heena- In today’s IT world it is necessary to have strong foundation in security education and awareness. People running either a business firm or an organization have the responsibility to keep the information secure and confidential. This really makes a huge impact for the organization between an individual who’s effective and who is not. If security of the data is neglected it leads to distortion resulting in stealing information by hackers. In all the business organizations security education has become top priority, and the investment on cybersecurity training programs to train employees in order to protect the data and personal information from cyber criminals is a heap. Training the employees regularly benefit the organizations and there are less chances being targeted by the criminals.

There are wide range of topics that needs to be included as a part of security education and training

1. Social Engineering Awareness: Data breaches occurs with a social engineering attack while hackers attack people to access the data that they need. Most of the social engineering attacks are done with emails, phones or websites etc. Regularly training programs can lessen the attacker’s goal.

2. Password Best Practice’s: For most of the websites and services passwords are the form of authentication. Passwords must be securely protected from security breach by properly creating passwords. Habituate using two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication where ever possible. Create unique passwords for all the sites and services. Generally password should be of 8 or more characters.

3. Handing emails: Always be cautious while clicking a link or attachment form an unknown sender. Phishing email is most common technique that hackers send asking the recipient to click or open the link. Suspicious emails needs to be reported to IT security. Verify URL domain before clicking the internet link.

4. Safe browser use: Every Individual in the organization must know how to browse the content effectively without clicking the suspicious links and files. Follow best internet surfing practices like receiving warnings on unnecessary add-ons while installing software. Train on verifying the permissibility of URL’s.

5. Screen Locking: Leaving computers unattended results in damage to your identity or the company. Reputational damage has seriously occurred due to unlocking of computers and devices. Screen locking is always a best practice, always make a habit to lock screen before leaving surroundings. Make sure that the computer gets locked if it’s inactive in 5 minutes.

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