Rhetorical Situation Analysis Activity Assignment

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Respond to all of the following:

1. Take the reading posted here and apply all parts of the rhetorical situation ( to it, demonstrating how each part is utilized in the reading. Im attaching sample of work

2. Comment on any elements of the reading that seemed surprising or out of sync with the conventions of the genre and the rhetorical situation.

3. Explain how you define good writing, bad writing, and beautiful writing.

4. Is this reading an example of good, bad, or beautiful writing? Why?

5. Find three examples of writing from anywhere outside : one example for each category of writing evaluation above (good, bad, beautiful). Write one paragraph for each example, explaining specifically why you think your selection represents good, bad, or beautiful writing as you have defined these categories in #3.

Categories of the Rhetorical Situation

This assignment requires that you read the readings ( im attaching the reading The Sims), and then open a Word document file, copy down the parts of the rhetorical situation listed immediately below, and then write a sentence or two beside each category below that explains how the reading applies to each category.

  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Genre
  • Stance
  • Medium and Design


Selected Reading: “Forgotten and Neglected.”

Purpose: The purpose of this reading is to argue for why we need better laws to protect children from being abused at home.

Audience: The audience for this reading might be people who work with abused children, such as social workers, educators, daycare workers, church members, lawyers, and other people who want to see fewer children being abused.

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