Review a brief article and write a min 300 word response to the questions with opinions

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One of the most interesting aspect about competitive advantage is that it usually is one of the memorable aspects of a business model that we as customers find exciting, valuable, and what makes the company. Consider free shipping provided by Amazon. It is without question one of the things that make Amazon what it is. But here is the question: Is free shipping really free?

Review this brief article by Fast Company, “Free Shipping is a Lie,” and answer the following questions: Article is attached

What do you see as the solution to the problem?

What are some other short- and long-term implications of continuing to offer Free Shipping?

How can Amazon use this problem as a way to create a new “unrealized” or emergent strategy? What would be the new strategy (be specific)?

Requirements in addition to answering the questions:

  • Your initial response should be approximately 250–300 words.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar.
  • Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.

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