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1.The pharmaceutical drug I have chosen to discuss is Eucrisa. Eucrisa is non-steroid topical ointment to treat eczema. It is a great alternative for children and it does not cause thinning of the skin that would occur from long term topical steroid use. Eucrisa generic name Crisabarole is the first FDA-approved topical prescription treatment for eczema in the last decade. It is a steroid-free ointment for people with mild-to-moderate eczema and can be used on all skin tones from nose to toes, for adults and children as young as two years old. This topical ointment is in a category of its own when it comes to competitors, eczema is often treated with topical steroids. The closest competition Eucrisa has is the topical cream called Elidel (Pimecrolimus). Elidel works by changing the skin’s defense (immune) system, thereby decreasing the allergic reaction that causes eczema. Pimecrolimus belongs to a class of drugs known as topical calcineurin inhibitors (TCIs).

Strengths: Eucrisa’s strength is that it is a one of kind topical cream right now. It does not treat eczema in the same way as its competitors do. It is non-steroidal. It will not thin the skin so it is safe for children to use and it can be used on the face and other delicate parts of the body. Overall Eucrisa has a good public reputation. It works well for children and that has become its marketed demographic.

Weaknesses: One of its weaknesses could be seen by some customers that it is NOT a topical steroid. Topical steroids work fast and are effective (with short term use). For long term use Eucrisa is seen by providers as the “healthier” option however not everyone wants what is better in the long run, some customers may want immediate and strong results that are seen with the competitors of Eucrisa, topical steroids. Since it treats a dermatological condition it’s important customers are given information on it through advertising and their providers, otherwise, the public wont use it.

Opportunities: Eucrisa has the opportunity to capitalize on the fact its safe for children and non-steroidal. We are in a time in history where people want to know what is in the products they are consuming and using. They can use this to their advantage to market themselves as the safest option for eczema.

Threats: External threats to Eucrisa are the creation of other similar products. Right now the only other alternative that treats eczema in a non-steroidal way is Elidel. However, the pharmaceutical market is constantly working to create new medical breakthroughs, so it is only a matter of time until another topical cream is released on the market.

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2.Gilead Sciences is an American biotechnology company that researches, develops and commercializes Truvada for HIV. The company also focuses primarily on antiviral drugs used in treatment of HIV and several other diseases. Emtricitabine/Tenofovir is the generic brand sold under Truvada, also used to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS. Some of their competitors or AbbVie, Merck & Bristol Myers Squibb. “The key will be the extent to which Gilead can transition the market to branded Descovy ahead of Truvada’s genericization …” (Beasley, 2019).


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FYI… Please see attachment below for the marketing program SWOT Analysis worksheet.

3.The drug that I have chosen to use for this discussion is Advil Liqui-Gels (Ibuprofen). Its generic name is Advil just like the company and is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Advil’s top four competitors for pain relief include Tylenol, Advanced Pain Management, Excedrin, and TrustedTablets.


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SWOT Analysis Worksheet


Internal Micro Environmental Factor

These are strengths; they will help the marketing effort

These are weaknesses; they will hinder the marketing effort

a. Company

Advil is a very well-known brand and is already used by most people in their daily life.

With large corporations comes a distance from customer satisfaction. If the company becomes too large, then consumers may lose faith that their well being is the company’s top priority.

b. Suppliers

With Advil already being a household name, there is no shortage of demand for suppliers.

With so much demand, the needs of suppliers may be overwhelmed, creating a large gap between supply and demand.

c. Intermediaries

Advil is a good investment for any intermediary as it is guaranteed to sell.

Many intermediaries may already have a preferred pain reliever that they sell and may be reluctant to sell others.

d. Competitors

With revenue’s as high as Advil’s, the company can afford to provide the best ingredients for their products.

With high revenue comes greed. If a new owner of the company were to take over, the quality of ingredients may suffer.

e. Publics

Renting out commercial airtime and billboards is very easy when a company is this big.

Over-advertising or mis advertising can lead to large lawsuits for the company.

f. Customers

A lot of people already know and trust Advil as their primary pain reliever, so they will purchase new products when they need them.

New products that fail are hard to market and gaining the customer’s loyalty may be challenging.

External Macro Environmental Factor

These are opportunities for the company in its marketing efforts

These are threats to the company’s marketing efforts

a. Demographic trends in the population

People of all demographics experience inflammation, especially the elderly. This provides a good basis for marketing to those over the age of 50.

Younger generations are choosing to take care of themselves more than earlier generations and this may affect the company’s marketing efforts as these younger generations get older.

b. Cultural influences affecting consumer decision-making

Many people are opting into biking to work as a greener alternative to conventional travel, which may lead to joint pain, which provides a marketing strategy for an anti-inflammatory drug such as Advil

With so many people opting to live a more natural lifestyle without prescription or over-the-counter medications, companies like Advil may suffer.

c. Natural resources needed as inputs by marketer

Feedback is plentiful when considering how large Advil is, allowing a marketer to freely show positive feedback people share concerning Advil’s products.

Failing to identify bad feedback can be detrimental and can show that the company does not care about its customers, except when they have something good to say concerning the company.

d. Political or economic conditions affecting consumers’ purchasing power

Advil is a low-cost alternative to other pharmaceutical drugs and is available for those of all economic standing.

With the government tightening the leash on so many pharmaceutical companies and creating new regulations, the cost of regular strength Advil may have to rise.

e. New technologies impacting the industry

With advances into the study of propionic acid where ibuprofen is derived from the company can easily market how much more effective the drug is becoming.

With new advancements in areas like massage therapy or chiropractic, pain relief can be dealt with in different ways.

f. Laws, agencies, or pressure groups that could limit or enhance marketing

There aren’t many laws, pressure groups or agencies directly against Advil which is a marketing strategy by itself.

With so many of the younger generations trying to live a healthier lifestyle, pressure may be put on to companies like Advil for marketing so much.

SWOT Conclusion: Advil as a company carries many strengths that put it at the top of its respective market and has numerous opportunities to market to the general public. With good leadership the company can avoid most of the threats and weaknesses that it could potentially avoid, as long as the company remains diligent in helping people to better their well-being.

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