Response Paper on “Killing Us Softly” .

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ANT 2 – Instructions for Response Paper

This assignment requires students choose ONE film (either Killing Us Softly or Race the Power of an Illusion or Cannibal Tours) and write a 2-3 page response paper. Students are not required to include any of the readings from class but are free to do so if it helps their argument.

Successful papers will be organized, focus on 1-2 key ideas from the film, and offer reflective analysis and insights into these key ideas. Papers must meet the requirements indicated below and be turned in on time during class.


2-3 page double-spaced response paper.
Standard formatting: 1 inch margins, 12 point Times/Times New Roman font, and printed in black ink.
Do not submit a cover page. Instead include the following on the first page: Name, Class, Section/TA, Date and Title (single spaced, top left).
Papers are due in class in paper form on Jan 30.

SUGGESTION: Use a page or half page to describe a poignant scene or to summarize the key idea(s) from the film. Then take 1-2 pages to reflect on this scene or these themes. How do these ideas cause you to reflect on something in your own life/world?

IMPORTANT: Emailed papers will not be accepted. Late papers will be given a grade of 0/10.

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