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Plagiarism is taking the credit for someone’s work. Three examples of plagiarism are coping the work of another individual, purposefully omitting credit to the original author, and incorrect referencing (“Effective writing and Research” 2018). Plagiarizing by a student can be deemed as untrustworthy, and a hazard to the public.

A baccalaureate programs integrity is affected a student who plagiarizes. When this student enters the workforce proper critical and academic strengths is not expressed through them, which reflects negatively on the program. The public perceives Nurses as well learned individual and credible. However, a dishonest nursing student who plagiarizes cannot be viewed as trustable as he or she may repeat the same error during practice. This repeated act can tarnish the profession.

The development of the nursing profession needs evidence-based practice. Plagiarism requires strict corrective measures. If a student is allowed to continuously falsify information it is a danger to the nursing profession. Imagine, if a student who continually plagiaries get involved in an evidence-based practice assignment. This student may falsify information that can lead to the harm of others. To ensure the academic integrity of my writing, I will rightly acknowledge the sources for my excerpt and use the correct APA style to cite my sources.


Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Dynamics in nursing: Art & science of professional practice. Retrieved from…

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