research synthesis revising an essay

The essay is completed but the highlighted parts need to be revised and fix there are comments so if you could fix the error I also provided my Chegg at the end of the page of the essay. The book is Understand Research Synthesis.

  • Revisit your third sentence.
  • Revisits or rephrase your 5th sentence.
  • You begin to talk about reliability and self report within the first paragraph. This takes away from your argument because it is unrelated. This also contradicts your last statement in your second highlighted paragraph. There you say its good that they used these tests because it is over .7, but before you said they are biased? Consider fixing what you said and focus on one topic.
  • Also, you don’t have a conclusion for your second paragraph. So they used tests over .7. What does that allow them to do or not do?
  • If the paragraphs are long consider splitting them into two rather than one long paragraph
  • So the given suggestion is talk about how there is selection bias in the studies (women not well represented) and it’s bad and how it makes the study not reliable or not reliebality
  • The first threat is selection bias and its interaction with the experimental (independent) variable. As indicated in Part 4 of this book, if a sample is biased, a researcher’s ability to generalize to a population is greatly limited. In a strict scientific sense, no generalizations should be made when bias is present. If a biased sample of participants is used in an experiment (such as using the students who happen to be in one professor’s class), a researcher will not know whether the effects of the treatment (observed in that class) can be expected if the treatment is administered to the entire population. Of course, the way to control this threat is to select the participants for an experiment at random from a population because a random sample is, by definition, unbiased. pg 189 you can find that
    Next is talking about the surveys being accurate and how it is good or bad because survey is reliable or unreliable due to the cronbach alpha A different approach to reliability is to test the consistency of scores within the test itself—not across two test administrations. This class of reliability estimates is known as estimates of internal consistency. It is examining the degree to which the items within the test are measuring the same concepts. Scores from a single administration of a test can be used to examine the internal consistency of test scores—that is, did the test taker perform consistently across all items in the test. One way to determine this is to compute the split-half reliabilityof a test. Another that has become more common is Cronbach’s alpha. pg 144

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