research synthesis paper mental health law enforcement

The research synthesis will be 1,500 words (no less than 1,450 words and no more than 1,550 words), include 3 components, and be worth 22.5% of the course grade overall (90 points total). For this assignment, you will identify a research topic in kinesiology that interests you, find and read 3 empirical research articles on that topic, and write a paper on your findings. The purpose of this assignment is to (a) apply course concepts when analyzing peer-reviewed journal articles, (b) demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills, and (c) drawing a singular conclusion from a body of work. Read carefully through the directions below

The attachment are the three articles that need to be use in the paper. I also provided my Chegg account so you can have access of the book that needed to be use in the essay. There is a lot of topics or subtopics so try to use what is important and keep everything short and concise but analyze the paper very deeply and throughly.

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