Research Proposal

Contentious Issues on Abortion

Abortion to date has remained a key area of contention as many have argued in disagreement of whether it’s a good idea or not. Numerous groups have raised their concerns about whether abortion is necessary to humans or whether it should be declared an illegal process. Scientifically, doctors have continuously argued that through abortion mother’s life can be saved if the pregnancy poses a threat to the mother. AIDitionally, some communities, human rights organizations, and different religions have declined to the medical arguments and have criticized everything to do with abortion. The research proposal gives a critical view of why abortion is imperative but also a threat to human life.

Critical review of Abortion

There are many countries that have continued to put strict policies on abortion; this has significantly created more cases of death due to many turning to any individuals who claim to secure an abortion. In his argument, Berer (2004) noted that the law on abortion has frequently created a gap for much-unqualified personnel’s in different regions to conduct unsafe abortion (Berer, 2004). Through various data collected from the medical centers, cases of unsafe abortion have been rampant.

According to WHO (2007), this statistics can be utilized to determine in why people turn to unsafe abortion (WHO, 2007). But as noted by Jonea and Kost (2007), many of these cases have gone unreported as many of the illegal professionals in the medical profession would hate to notice by legal authorities (Jones & Kost, 2007). In the situation where abortion has been legalized and conducted by medical professions, this has proved to be a working idea as it has helped in saving the mothers’ lives.


Abortion is a key area that continues to draw attention to many researchers as legalizing it has created applause among many while small groups continue to criticize the idea. With proper policies in place, the act can be controlled to enhance proper decisions on why it should be carried out and who should do it.


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