Research Project

In a written narrative, using APA formatting (see information in Guidelines for Writing Assignments):

1. Create a health care organization that has no less than 150 employees. This can be any one of the following:

Large clinic or HMO

Small to medium-size hospital

Short term rehabilitation & therapy

Health spa

Long term care or assisted living

2. You may use your own organization if it comes close to meeting the desired size.

3. Create a mission/vision for this organization (or use your own if it has one).

4. Develop a detailed (by position title) organization chart (by position and not by individual employee’s names if using your organization – i.e., you may have a box for LPS’s and indicate that your organization has 10 of them, but you would not include their names).

5. Describe the recruitment strategy for filling ALL positions within the organization’

6. Describe the Total Compensation Program – including compensation strategy and menu of benefits.

7. Describe the employee training & development program (even if it’s informal).

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