Research paper on Paleonutrtion

Research paper on Paleonutrtion

Project description

The field of paleonutrition, a subset of physical anthropology/archaeology, can tell us a lot about the overall health of prehistoric populations. Look into the

paleontological evidence relating to the shift from foraging to horticulture and agriculture in some part of the world. What does the evidence indicate about the

impact of this shift on human health?

First, read through the research topics page available in this weeks folder to find a research topic that interests you. Note that before you can complete this

assignment you should read the section of the textbook that corresponds to your topic. In aIDition, to complete this proposal, you must find at least one other source

on your topic. Your research proposal should include all six of the following things.

Name the research topic as listed in research topics and specify which chapter in your textbook it belongs to.
Develop research question(s) related to your chosen topic. In some cases, as with the research topic on diaspora Chinese (ch. 10), the research question has been

created for you: Is the traditional kinship pattern of patrilineal clans still characteristic of Chinese immigrants? With others, such as this topic in ch. 9write a

short paper discussing your findings about interracial marriage–youll need to develop a research question. Be sure your question is focused enough for a short time-

frame for research and for a paper of this length, but not so focused that you run out of things to say.
Given this research question, what kind of claims are possible? In other words, what sort of research paper will you be writing? Here are some possibilities, with

examples from research topics, though you may find others.

Cause/effect claims: What can twin studies tell us about environment in the development of personality?

Compare/contrast claim: How do other cultures view dreaming?

Proposal claims: How can we use ethnographic accounts of contemporary hunter-gatherers to enhance our understanding of our Paleolithic ancestors?

Factual claims: Were Neadratahls capable of speech?

This will be an important question to note classmate and my feedback on, as it will help you in crafting a strong thesis statement in your final research paper.

4. Name at least two sources you have already found for this topic including title of article, author, publication, and date. I recommend that you use the section of

the book that discusses your topic, even if we havent gone over it in class yet. (NOTE: If you use a book other than our textbook, you should indicate what part of the

bookie the introduction or chapter 12, etcseems most helpful.) How did the articles/chapters help you answer your research questions or help your search process? What

problems have you had in finding the sources you need?

5. What are your values and beliefs about this issue? What have you found in your research that challenges those beliefs? How are you managing to keep an open mind in

the research process?

6. Why is this issue going to be important for your audience (me as well as your classmates) to read about?

Ill be doing a research paper on Paleonutrtion
What are Paleonutrion and the Phenomena now? What is the nutritional value behind it? Why is this diet of value? Who practices this diet today?
Ill give nutritional facts of certain diets and the cause and effect of foraging to horticulture and agriculture.
The onset of heart disease and diabetes in todays culture compared to the prehistoric populations.
Reference Sources: Cultural Anthropology; The Human Challenge Ch. 9, Rob Wolfe: Diets in Review:
The paleonturtrion diet dates back 10,000 years before civilization in which the humans were gathers and hunters, there was no diabetes, cardiovascular disease or

processed food. Food was freshly killed, cooked and consumed. The diet of Native Americans before the appearance of the first settlers was just as similar. Within the

last 20 years an onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disease has now taken its toll on the American society. Looking at all the chemicals to process food and maintain

the shelf life has become more harmful then convenience.
Being in nutrition along with owning and operating my own Food company and working as a Dietary Manager for the past 15 years of for HealthSouth Corporation, Baptist

Health Systems and working with Linda Crandall and Associates Corporate Dietitians, Ill provide insight and comparison to the Prehistroic diet and to todays diet.

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