research paper about fluency disorder stuttering in preschool age 4 7

Position Paper Assignment

Writing Scenario: You are a lead speech language pathologist working in a public school system. You are part of a leadership team and provide training and support to SLPs throughout the school system. Your supervisor would like for you to prepare a training on an evidence-based speech/language intervention that SLPs could implement. She has asked you to write a research paper on the topic that can serve as the foundation for this training. I choose fluency disorder in pre- school age children up to 7Y.O

Writing Assignment:Write a paper that accomplishes the following: (a) reviews the prominent approaches to intervention regarding a specific population (e.g., children with autism or children with severe phonological disorders); and (b) provides guidelines for specific EBP implementation procedures for the county to follow. You should state your position (in 3rd person) regarding possible intervention approaches and what you ultimately recommend, either (a) a specific treatment approach, (b) a combination of two approaches, or (c) an eclectic approach using multiple interventions as discussed in the literature. You will need to provide a justification for the approach(es) you endorse and reject.

Because your boss is busy, the paper MUST BE 8 double-spaced pages in length (excluding the cover page, references, tables and charts).Note: Papers that are shorter or longer in length will automatically lose 20 points!

Resources:Your paper needs to be referenced by a
MINIMUM of 12 published
refereed journal articles. Articles used in previous papers can be used for this paper. Additional resources can also be used such as web sites, newsletters, etc., however they cannot replace the 12 refereed articles. The majority of references should be published within the last 20 years.Older references can be used, but should not be relied on heavily.References used in previous papers can be included


I’ll provide you with the 12 published refereed journal articles and feel free to add extra resources as well to support your ideas and the approaches chosen

please follow the instructions carefully and let me know if you have any questions

Avoid passive voice. support your ideas with research without using 1st person

Also I need a strong thesis and outline before starting the writing process please. Outline should be detailed about at least 3 themes that you will discuss in this paper.

Use headers and subheaders if needed

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