Research on a viral emerging or e-emerging infectious disease

Assignment Overview

For Project 1 you will do some research on a viral emerging or e-emerging infectious disease or caused by an NIAID priority viral pathogen, read an article about a recent research study on the disease, write a 2000-2500 word (approximately five to six pages -single spaced, not including figures, tables, footnotes, bibliography, and glossary of terms) research/topic report, and share what you learned with your classmates.

The steps of the assignment are listed below and additional details are provided in the topics below.

Step 1: Select a virus or disease from the table below.

Emerging and Re-emerging Viral Infectious Diseases*

Chikungunya virus infection

LaCrosse encephalitis (LACV)

Dengue (breakbone fever)

Lugo hemorrhagic fever

Ebola hemorrhagic fever

Marburg hemorrhagic fever

Enterovirus 71 or 68 infection


Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome


Heartland virus infection


Hendra virus disease

Rubeola (measles)

Hepatitis C

West Nile fever

Japanese encephalitis

Yellow fever

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever

Powassan Deer Tick virus infection

*Selected from NIAID Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases listing (Last Updated 25 February 2015). Retrieved 07 November 2015 from

Note: Reports on HIV/AIDS and influenza are not acceptable as topics for Project 1.

Step 2: Read the topic on What to Include in Your Report.

Step 3: Read about the disease in Boundless Microbiology (Chapter 15), University of Carolina Microbiology and Immunology Online textbook (Part 3 Virology), or Infectious Diseases: In Context (2008) Editors Wilmoth Learner, B. and Lerner, K.L., Gale, Detroit, Michigan. Infectious Diseases: In Context (2008) includes a good background source for an overview of specific communicable infectious diseases. To access go the Biology page in the UMUC Library Guide for the Sciences (

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