Research and APA

# Researching & APA Assignment After selecting ONE article from the list below, access the CSU Online Library, and locate the full-text article. You are encouraged to print the article. Read and summarize the selected article. You are required to include the following in your article summary * Place your full name and Student ID on your summary. * Identification of the selected article at the top of your summary * One direct quote with appropriate APA in-text documentation * One paraphrase with appropriate APA in-text documentation * The reference listing in appropriate APA documentation * A 300 word summary Complete your summary in Microsoft Word or similar word processing software, and upload your summary for review. You are encouraged to access and review both articles. Each article is on a different topic. Make sure that you select an article that most interests you or is closely related to your program of study at CSU. R Articles Title Lasting Menace Author David Biello Published July 2010 Database GreenFILE let me know if you need any further information

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