REQUIREMENTS: Write analysis on an ESSAY form MLA FORMAT — please see the actual MLA requirements on Tab Other Sources 2 FULL page long minimum 1” margin Double space Times New Roman size. 12 Header: Course’s name Your name Title of play

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— Please follow the order of the questions and write at least ONE paragraph for EACH question—-

  1. Summarize in one paragraph: 3 to 4 sentences the plot of the play.
  2. Message the playwright wanted the audiences to know.
  3. What did you learn about the play?
  4. Strongest scene, and why?
  5. History of playwright’s life – personal, educational, employment, artistic
  6. Describe playwright’s primary genre.
  7. Important events (political, socio-economical, etc.) that took place when play was written and how these events influenced the playwright.

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