Report on developing an evaluation plan

Report on developing an evaluation plan

Guidelines for all assessments ? please read carefully as your assignment will be marked against these criteria
To meet the requirements of all assignments you must include the following:
? An introduction explaining what you will cover. Refer to the question and describe what your approach will be in answering it.
? A conclusion summarising the main points in your paper, and present your final opinion.
? Analysis that shows ability to interpret information relevant to your topic.
? Application of theories to practical situations or examples wherever relevant.
? Arguments (not just descriptions) that are well supported by explanation, examples and references to literature.
? Compliance with normal academic standards of presentation, referencing and bibliographical details.
? Clear writing with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph construction.


This assignment requires you to focus on developing an evaluation plan for a primary health care program of your choice. Your report will analyse the issues that arise in the planning process and the decisions that need to be made. You will need to select a primary health care program with which you are familiar. This may be a whole program or project, or in the case of a large initiative, a discrete part of it. To avoid confusion, you are advised to choose a program or part that has clearly defined goals, objectives and strategies.

Your analytical report must include the following:
? Introduction and conclusion (total 500 words)
? Summary of the evaluation plan (may be a full summary or in the case of a large program a sample of the overall plan) to be submitted in table format as per the proforma over the page. (approx 500 words?no more than 2 A4 pages, or 3 objectives plus 3 strategies for each objective)
? Rationale for your evaluation plan addressing key design issues that are relevant to your example. For example, you should address and justify decisions about scope, timing, stakeholders, who will undertake the evaluation, process/impact/ outcome evaluation questions, ethical and political issues and appropriate methods etc. (1000 words)
? Analysis of the main factors that you think will influence the successful dissemination and utilisation of the evaluation findings (400 words)

Note: We suggest that you refer to section 4 of the Guide to learning for important background information. Section 4 in the Readings contains easy guides to the planning process and examples of layout of evaluation plans. 18

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